10 nice things about Gryph the Gryphon's 18 only followers

Gryph uses tens of days to do this Gryph doesn't know why Gryph did something like this omfg Gryph will get lynched over this absolutely

still first : obligatory ^v^

Gryph leaves for a while bc fml rly still before this Gryph thought to write 10 nice things about each of the 18 of Gryph's remaining followers bc Gryph feels this's the right thing to do . even if no - one rly read or featured Gryph or something like this

Gryph's soz when Gryph wrote this often Gryph's own thoughts got in front . Gryph doesn't mean to be selfish still there r lots of things which just attract Gryph to talk about own things

anyway Gryph hopes u like reading what Gryph writes and's very soz if this makes u creeped as Gryph never wants to do this . Gryph has poor social skills Gryph knows this . still when u like this or if u have comments etc do plz say something nice to Gryph

table of contents

  1. theglittersalamango
  2. koinuko
  3. arandomsite
  4. morrowseer
  5. y2kross
  6. onlinedevil
  7. emptygod
  8. tangotrail
  9. seraphsanctum
  10. xxhalfemptyxx
  11. x-squishy-mushroom-x
  12. webhole
  13. gh0stprince
  14. jasonsworld
  15. noseclub / inkposting
  16. thegreenarchive
  17. airdoggy
  18. nanoarrow

1. theglittersalamango

  1. Gryph follows their website bc their website sparkles . Gryph likes things which sparkle
  2. theglittersalamango didn't follow Gryph back immediately . then they did . Gryph thinks if others first try to see if Gryph's creepy . Gryph always fears this and never wants this to be so . then salamango occasionally like my updates . Gryph guesses this happens when they r online so this's ok . still Gryph can't help and feel do they rly like what Gryph writes lol
  3. tbh Gryph wants to say something . Gryph just can't think possibly how many hours went to this website . the background's animed and there r hyper - cute emoticons around everywhere . imagine if Gryph could ever do this stuff lol . Gryph thinks serious love's poured into salamango's website
  4. lots of websites have secret things . this website has nyoom . every1 must visit salamango's nyoom . this's the best thing the website has . well at least for Gryph lol . well tbh everything else's cool in this website too
  5. something what Gryph also caught . how many websites have todo lists . Gryph spams things for fun and then now here there's a serious todo list with real goals . Gryph just can't wait to see how would salamango's website be afte these goals . this looks amazing
  6. Gryph thinks italy's a beautiful country . lots of history in there
  7. neocities have random forums everywhere . viva pinata's forums r one what Gryph can find here still like every other forums hosted on freeforums Gryph can never access these
  8. i can rly feel how to only have a mobile feels like . Gryph hopes to have a computer one day tho this's a serious security risk . imagine if one day Gryph could do things like stream video games omfg . still Gryph feels rly nice to see how salamango can create amazing websites just with a phone . this's something what Gryph tries to do too . use what u can
  9. salamango has credits . to thank others can be moral and then imagine if others would see someone features u . this would make someone's day
  10. has mastodon and amazingly's in a mastodon instance Gryph has never heard of before and Gryph knows many
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2. koinuko

  1. if u want to know the biggest yu-gi-oh fan here's ur answer . to think of something different's hard when koinuko has self - shipped themselves with jaden yuki . then there's a mega shine for the yu-gi- oh series too . Gryph starts to think yu-gi-oh might be more than just a tcg
  2. i still don't rly know why would someone like koinuko ever follow someone like Gryph and not to mention even give comments . Gryph never commented back bc of shyness and self - issues still Gryph visited koinuko's website like many times after these comments . Gryph writes about love and koinuko comments . Gryph think this's great
  3. there r some rly famous ppl in neocities and koinuko's likely one of them . u can see this bc of the amount of 275+ followers koinuko has . what's better whenever koinuko updates something those updates always get lots of like . bc Gryph sees how nice koinuko's to others to see this's not rly difficult
  4. about the website . one reason why Gryph likes this websites lots's the amount of shines . like how Gryph's interested in everything . tho Gryph didn't make any shrines yet . dunno what to put inside . this's not so for koinuko tho . about lots of popular culture there's a dedication . to say something nice about the things u like's rly how u give respect Gryph thinks
  5. Gryph has noticed this peculiar feature among some neocities users and this's the " dark side " of the website . tho u would never expect someone like koinuko to have a dark side . and now even Gryph found this . tho tbh even Gryph has a dark side and unlike koinuko's website u don't want to know this
  6. koinuko's website has one nice trait and this's the website's blocks don't appear like how websites normally appear . there link menus and stuff r placed horizontally . so u don't scroll a document this feels like a nice house to chill and spend some time in
  7. think how Gryph reacted when Gryph spotted koinuko has self - help links . while there nr't all self - help what there r r important . mindfulness and esp things to help fall asleep
  8. however Gryph wants to write something here . if neocities was a quest then koinuko has achieved some truly special achievements . she operates a self - shipping webring any1 can join into . then she created a marriage certificate generator between u and the character u want to ship . and what Gryph saw was lots of other neocities users who became truly delighted of this invention . this's what neocities needs to be . a place where u can make someone feel very
  9. there rly r lots of things u can read in koinuko's website unf Gryph's too tired to go through everything right now . so Gryph wants to say this quickly . so far there's probably the most pleasant button wall . in one page and a few scrolls u can quickly see lots of interesting things
  10. who's jaden yuki anyway . as Gryph can see how important he's to koinuko naturally Gryph went to read more about him . jaden's the main protagonist from yu-gi-oh gx . story starts when he obtains a " winged kuriboh " from someone called " yugi muto " . btw Gryph's pretty sure Gryph has seen the winged kuriboh before somewhere . he then attends a duel academy founded by " seto kaiba " . yeh tbh Gryph knows who kaiba's never though from yu-gi-oh lol . anyway Gryph wishes lots of fun for koinuko with jaden yuki she knows this stuff much better than Gryph
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3. arandomsite

  1. aros might be the cool kid of neocities every1 likes . has 275+ followers and Gryph doesn't know why . i guess others like aros's personality . wish Gryph was this attractive
  2. followed Gryph back . why would someone like aros follow Gryph back when aros's the one others like and Gryph's the odd one out lol . tbh Gryph feels rly honored aros follows Gryph . even if Gryph has nothing useful this still feels good . one day Gryph wants something like this to happen to Gryph too
  3. creates an os better than popular oses . instead of things which work aros has cool buttons and has a better retro look too
  4. asks for feedback even ideas for programs to create . Gryph almost suggested " the Gryphon appreciation program " still Gryph gets so embarrassed Gryph didn't do this
  5. has adventures with a spiritual creature called benson who's the bean plant . one can only have successful if u have the power of beans along with u . when Gryph writes this it seems benson's still alive tho the leaves have turned brown . aros u gotta do something about this
  6. there was some rly cool thing Gryph wanted to write to here too and then Gryph forgot it . how nice . Gryph can never make others feel nice if Gryph always forgets everything
  7. Gryph uses the world " cool " many times still one thing which should be called cool too's the aros's smiley avatar aros used to have in aros version 1
  8. posts comments to aros's profile . gets interaction . asks for feedback and shows literally random things . and gets lots of answers
  9. honestly someone like aros should appear in the most followed tab in " websites " and the reason this doesn't happen's bc most followed only counts ppl who follow u and u don't follow back which's unbelievably stupid
  10. despite of the aros's celeb status sometimes aros still hits like on Gryph's update and Gryph always feels nice when someone notices Gryph . bc Gryph can become quite lonely often
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4. morrowseer

  1. has a website which's unique and's cool . Gryph means u can't rly find a website like morrowseer's . it's unique
  2. the background image is pure epic . many try to make some kind of a swanky background and here there's a super cute creature in the corner . why not like this website bc of this already
  3. the eyes of this creature r rly fucking cute . the web browser box gets in the way Gryph knows morrowseer didn't mean this still Gryph's quite addicted to things cute . so Gryph found a way to download the background image
  4. Gryph somehow feels this person might like dragons . morrowseer seems to be a char which looks like a dragon and then Gryph again sees the cute creature who seems to have fangs
  5. morrowseer seems to be more active in twitter which might explain why morrowseer's not much in neocities . all the better for Gryph to feel happy when morrowseer follows me . Gryph fears others don't rly like Gryph
  6. in neocities u can find truly random articles u can't both search or sometimes even think about . Gryph finds one from morrowseer's website and this's about tv channels which r shut down . and this can be interesting to read about . there's no bad to like stuff u like u know
  7. Gryph somehow feels morrowseer would like othes to check out their page so plz do so if u can . morrowseer seems genuine . Gryph can feel this from the way morrowseer writes status updates and the way the website's
  8. morrowseer has a newgrounds page . for several months Gryph tries to create a newground acc too only to get a message " sorry u can't create an account this time " . why don't other websites like Gryph
  9. not only this . sometimes u can find unexpected social handles . here Gryph sees morrowseer uses escagrot matrix and even twitch . never assume who's still on the good old aim / icq servers or has special emails like Gryph
  10. Gryph read about morrowseer and the lore seems fascinating . bc morrowseer's twitter avatar looks similar to the creatures from here Gryph thinks morrowseer likes the wings of fire series . Gryph feels there's a nice lore for every1 and Gryph hopes morrowseer feels nice here . what Gryph wants one day's to create a huge fandom around Gryph the Gryphon . if there's ever a popular series about the Gryphon know Gryph's gonna be immensely jealous about this
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5. y2kross

  1. y2kross's art doesn't suck no matter how y2kross tries to say otherwise
  2. y2kross's art doesn't suck
  3. btw one more thing y2kross's art doesn't suck . Gryph keeps to say this until randy finally realizes this . they don't know i viewed their art several times already either
  4. u should visit y2kross bc of the epic profile comments they somehow manage to make . there's life in this profile
  5. so y2kross put links to some of their at and even an art stream and it seems y2kross's not aware i visited these links before y2kross took these links away lol
  6. about y2kross's art . first it doesn't suck . now that Gryph got this away Gryph likes to comment a little . Gryph sees y2kross's art like a fusion of pop art and animation . if this's not true Gryph apologies . still what Gryph think's y2kross unique as fuck . feel rly nice to see y2kross to be part of neocities tbh
  7. so so far y2kross's the only neocities use who followed me in mastodon . sometimes i wish every1 else would do this . or at least even sign up to mastodon . then i followed y2kross back and i see atm Gryph's y2kross's only mastodon followed . how cool's this
  8. y2kross does characterdesign too . now how cool's this . Gryph tries to design chars too . now here's what y2kross did bc y2kross removes the chars too . unf Gryph didn't manage to get these chars . bc Gryph wanted to write nice things about these chars . so instead what if Gryph says if y2kross creates a char Gryph's gonna love it anyway . i don't think y2kross would design a char to be against the Gryphons or something
  9. so what happened . Gryph became depressed . Gryph still's . Gryph thinks no - one likes Gryph . this's just the way Gryph's . sucks tbh . so then there's y2kross who comes and comments something nice . even if Gryph didn't expect for this . and tells Gryph's awesome
  10. likes gorillaz
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6. onlinedevil

  1. onlinedevil doesn't know this still Gryph viewed their website several times under karius . back then onlinedevil didn't follow back and the reason why i remember this's bc they talked about multiples and i thought this was fascinating . tho every1 has a right to choose who to follow Gryph just can't help to feel bad when others don't like Gryph lol
  2. anyway suddenly onlinedevil follows me back and even comments onto my profile . either i felt i did something right and became less like a creep or there's a reason Gryph doesn't know anything at all . still they must know i felt rly nice when this happened
  3. the websites seem well made . like Gryph the websites were overhauled many times . each page has an own style . Gryph thinks this's cool and tbh Gryph did this before too
  4. blog posts seem thoughtful and they want to make more unknown things more known . like accessible web design and stuff about fictional violence and games what Gryph esp likes's is the tutorial about modern neopets . along with leopets these two r two alternatives to neopets . now there's a tutorial about modern neopets . there's however a major catch and this's in order to sign up to modern neopets there r only three open periods in a year . the next one's in august in 2022
  5. aros put a comment where onlinedevil is an old friend " cicadoidea " . so Gryph thinks perhaps neocities's just a huge consipracy where every1 knows each other except Gryph . every1 seems to be everyone's friends and Gryph feels this esp when Gryph feels lonely . anyway onlinedevil has 100+ followes and this seems nice
  6. btw Gryph first found onlinedevil from melonland and yes u guessed right bc of Gryph's self - confidence issues Gryph never posted a comment to melonland . Gryph tries to change this . still Gryph read lots of others' posts inc onlinedevils' which Gryph believed were thoughtful
  7. Gryph just wants to say one more thing . Gryph was feeling down and onlinedevil came and commented something nice to me . even if at first they didn't follow me . still in the end Gryph felt nice as fuck . no matter who u r u can try to make Gryph feel better . tbh someday Gryph would rly like have some creatures to like Gryph tbh
  8. has pigs in the background . has a wobble town acc too . both r animals right
  9. lots of page's still under construction . u know this's so when u see the bulldozer with a cheery " under constuction " sign . still imagine when onlinedevil gets these pages complete . what kind of awesome stuff there will be
  10. Gryph's sure Gryph saw the Gryphon somewhere in onlinedevil's website . almost certainly as one of neopets
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7. emptygod

  1. emptygod's the second neocities profile i ever clicked . what was amazing emptygod even followed Gryph back . even tho we don't rly talk i did visit emptygod several times mainly bc of egod's diary . tbh i do this with others who have a diary too
  2. i forever remember this thing about egod → the poetic page with a goat - like character in the space . to get here seems like a secret u need to know from where in egod's page u can find this . even tho the poem's nice for me to remember any animal character's easier
  3. i like the fact very much egod almost got the Gryphon as their " mythological " character tho tbh the phoenix's not bad either . tho a dragon's the Gryphon's enemy lol and this was tied with the Gryphon
  4. Gryph likes websites which r about dark themes . black background with red text . these things r cool . tho u must know i feel all the pain behind these websites . when darkness shrouds u eventually u become part of this darkness and this can suck lots
  5. egod's button's featured almost everywhere so this must mean egod's perhaps one of the neocities celebs
  6. can there easily be cooler things than spinnings buttons in the index page
  7. i dunno egod might have liked one Gryph's comment back so if this's so thx for this . tho i think neocities makes interaction difficult bc if others follow u this can mean u might feel u must do something back . here egod has lots of followers so it can just be egod gets lots of updates
  8. something else too . about the diary . tbh Gryph's life sucks very much so i can feel the main behind the thoughts in the diary . even if others think u r cool u urself may not see this way . life's had . and pain doesn't go away easy . there r too many things in the diary to list here and tbh this might be too personal anyway Gryph just wants to say the diary's very nice
  9. Gryph likes egod's survey page . u can answer lots of questions this feels nice and then others can learn more about u . esp when others can see there r things to bond together this can even make new friends Gryph thinks . imagine if someone else liked the Gryphons haha . as long as they don't make Gryph feel bad about this
  10. tbh there r lots of things u can learn from here and lots of this r more about the mystical side of stuff . how the website makes u feel . dream journals . poems . the secret new things u can find . like the fact egod says the common kestrel is a beautiful bird . and egod too has a pet bird . from Gryph's followers at least 2 have birds now
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8. tangotrail

  1. tangotrail's Gryph's newest follower which was a rly surprise still this's very rly nice . Gryph strongly thinks tangotrail found Gryph bc of the " characterdesign " tag
  2. so Gryph wants to talk about this . Gryph has lots of issues about to design characters . still tangotrail has real characters in the website with images and stories . this's rly cool tbh bc Gryph thinks to design character's amazing in all ways
  3. Gryph likes art which's personal and i think tangotrail's artwork's unique
  4. first time Gryph clicked on the image and Gryph came to the index page . the second time this didn't work and Gryph was confused . like did tangotrail suddenly take the website offline lol . then after some minutes of stupidity Gryph found out there's a text above which says " click the door " . and then Gryph entered again
  5. xis website's what can be said as " creative " . there's nothing what u can expect from a typical website . this website comes straight like from a video game screen . and Gryph likes this way . on top of this . to navigate's easy
  6. tangotrail's art's definitely unique . while u may think the art's sloppy Gryph rly believes this's just a personal style . the characters esp follow patterns in art . more Gryph would say this's an artist with real what u can say as art
  7. the character descriptions r what Gryph likes too . already Gryph likes when a character names " kristy "'s a shark - human hybrid . Gryph likes animal hybrids . they seem to have special kind of lives . in some ways u could say the Gryphons hybrids too . u know the eagle - lion thing rofl
  8. the character pages have unique banne buttons and random . to create like own mini - webpages for character's respectful . these r not only descriptions these r like own homes for the characters . if u create a life for a character this should make it easier for u to make stories based on this char . at least Gryph believes like this and tries to do with Gryph the Gryph tbh . have u ever thought why Gryph's here
  9. in a page about comics u can see japanese text a funky icon a black culture portrait a background of something and a frog all in the same page . fusion creates diamonds
  10. Gryph thinks the artist knows their thing and the website's well done too . other than some banner icons the links in the about page r under construction so Gryph can't read much about the artist . still tbh this's where the viewer should try to make up a personality though the art . when this can't be explained in words u can at least try to make a feeling
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9. seraphsanctum

  1. seraphsanctum's the first neocities page Gryph found . while they don't know this they r a major reason why i became rly interested in neocities . even if this meant Gryph would waste lots of time here even if no - one rly likes Gryph
  2. there r 2 things both Gryph and seraphsanctum likes - furcadia . still the biggest difference's Gryph never played furcadia . bc Gryph can't afford this . so in the future Gryph plays furcadia . when Gryph visits seraphsanctum Gryph reads about furcadia bc the adventures there seem nice
  3. Gryph absolutely wants to get the Gryph's talons onto the furcadia's dream browser client . this just sounds rly nice
  4. so the website's unique . Gryph means this's what u can say what's unique . first u may think the website's color theme's green . Gryph just feels like this has to be so . then tbh when u go around the website . imagine the amount of css wizardly u require to make these kinds of artistic webpage . Gryph's not sure if others see how amazing seraphsanctum's here . then to navigate in this website's a pleasure . the art doesn't get in way of Gryph at all
  5. Gryph dunnos how much talent there needs to be to make the animations like what seraphsanctum has still whatever this's Gryph says the animations r crazy nice
  6. btw Gryph can do some of these tricks . like what seraphsanctum uses in the journal Gryph did this something like this too in the Gryph's splash page version 2 . for many years Gryph never saw anyone to do this and now apparently seraphsanctum knows this trick too . nice
  7. seraphsanctum drew a bird named quincy with a stick found from a fire pit too . plz know how cool this's . btw to be sick and esp the heatwaves suck hugely . imagine if the world would be full of acs Gryph would think there might then be a paradise
  8. sometimes Gryph feels seraphsanctum's a celeb of neocities perhaps bc how old the website's . and then Gryph sees seraphsanctum's twitter with 0 followes . so why don't go and show some love to seraphsanctum Gryph's sure they would like this . Gryph would ask to follow immediately if Gryph had a twitter . bc Gryph doesn't have a phone Gryph can't verify twitter . anyway Gryph thinks seraphsanctum's interesting tho perhaps lil shy too
  9. one thing what Gryph likes too . Gryph's sure Gryph read one time seraphsanctum lives in a rural area with chickens . Gryph likes avians so don't act surprised lol . or if not a rural area at least some kind of a farm - like area . anyhow Gryph likes these areas bc of these reasons . first there r less humans bc lots of humans r not rly nice . bc humans can hurt others . some r cool tho . still rural areas seem much safer . then in farms u can have u own zoos . if chickens r enough nice Gryph just would like to have the Gryphons lmao . then farms have bigger houses more spaces lots of more trees a great sky wilderness nearby cheaper prices and a place for an automobile . therefore whatever floats ur boat . so Gryph highly believe seraphsancum likes this kind of lifestyle
  10. Gryph has lots of same interests too and these r kind of special . self - sufficiency permaculture u don't hear these words often . Gryph's a lil bit more simple tho . still these things r cool bc of climate change and those fucking heatwaves and everything to have something more sustainable's cool as fuck . sometimes Gryph hopes others would like these things too bc together huge changes can be done to the world
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10. xxhalfemptyxx

  1. what every1 can see from xxhalfemptyxx's they thx when u follow them . Gryph thinks this's polite
  2. website seems casual . personal thoughts about life and Gryph thinks this can be enough to have a good site if u want this
  3. they still like Gryph's posts randomly . prolly when xxhalfempty's online bc life can be busy
  4. while Gryph doesn't have this opportunity xxhalfemptyxx takes school seriously bc they talked about graduation and this's why they have not been in neocities for a while
  5. still now Gryph feels rly dumb . only now Gryph realized there r hidden links inside the white background . either Gryph has something which's broken or the website's something brilliant where visitors must try to find out where the links r . Gryph did something like this one day actually when Gryph had the drawn Gryphon in the main page Gryph kind of hopes others would click on it . hug the Gryphon ya know
  6. so this means there r lots of entries in the library . so there r lots of photos . Gryph's data don't allow to download all of these still Gryph senses lots of the blog's about irl . not bad if u want to do this bc this way others can become interested in ur life . btw there r two separate sections for writings " the library " and " the living room "
  7. some of the entries r personal and Gryph likes how casual these entries r . and some of those r quite serious too like informing about a person to avoid . tho tbh all what Gryph wishes's love and Gryph doesn't want hate in this world . therefore never abuse Gryph btw if any1 reads this
  8. Gryph's surprised to find several hidden gems from xxhalfemptyxx's website . first Gryph found some free web hosts Gryph didn't know and Gryph knows many . then there's a mysterious sari sari website about services to create html pages and Gryph can't see if this's a serious offer or not . then finally there's a newgrounds link here . ofc xxhalfemptyxx's someone who could use newgrounds Gryph just didn't prepare to see this here lol
  9. even has a guestbook if u can see this . and once again if Gryph wasn't so fearful Gryph would comment here . in the guestbook too Gryph recognized the so far only commenter there lol . imagine if Gryph had a guestbook
  10. sometimes Gryph thinks what does xxhalfemptyxx think about Gryph . they followed Gryph back gave some likes and for some other neocities users xxhalfemptyxx writes a bit extra . still bc xxhalfemptyxx even followed Gryph back means Gryph can't be this bad right . xxhalfempty seems like a real cool person tbh has lots to go in their life . finally btw noticed one of xxhalfemptyxx's blog posts has a chicken head lol
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11. x-squishy-mushroom-x

  1. followed Gryph back . even if Gryph's crazy different this didn't scare x-squishy-mushroom-x away . which's nice bc Gryph rly ties to not to be cringe . storytime Gryph one day convinced a reddit bot to make sure Gryph's always 100% based . Gryph fucking loved this and then got banned from reddit . this must change one day
  2. x-squishy-mushoom put the word " cringeculture " . about this word . means nothing should rly be cringe . why not like what u like
  3. has a chicken in favicon . aside from the Gryphons try to tell me something better than a bird as ur icon . later Gryph found there's a shrine dedicated to chickens
  4. likes 90s japanese cars . there r many things which make u instantly cool this's one . the Gryphons r one too tho if any1 said others liked the Gryphons Gryph would become extremely jealous . if others didn't like Gryph this's . has a shrine for a certain car too
  5. organizes art srsly . has a separate website for art and an account for the impossible - to - get - invite - to toyhouse and other websites . sudomemo's particularly interesting Gryph didn't hear about this before . a social media for flipbook animations
  6. tbh lots of things x-squishy-mushroom-x likes Gryph likes too tho lots of cartoons r what Gryph doesn't know
  7. is england nice . lots of ppl in neocities r either from the usa or from the uk . Gryph read one time the uk isn't rly a country uk's made from many countries . anyway england seems like a nice place Gryph likes lots of the architecture and culture from there
  8. what Gryph sees's like this a few other neocities profiles . the website seems to be part about irl stuff and part about neocities culture . for ppl who can do this this can be a nice combo . Gryph wouldn't do this bc Gryph would talk about things like the Gryphon spirits and ppl from irl wouldn't necessarily understand this haha
  9. focused on work and now came back to neocities to post more things apparently . tbh Gryph likes to found an online business one day too still before that to get internet's had w/o work . so Gryph can see this . often Gryph gets thrown away from the internet and some places r filled with ppl who claim the Gryphons don't exist . anyway to try to have an art online side hustle like what x-squishy-mushroom-x does's not bad esp if u can get commissions . lots of what x-squishy-mushroom-x does's resembles like from cartoons . so bc x-squishy-mushroom-x likes cartoon they probably like what they do
  10. website has bishoujos one in the front page one in the todo list page and prolly in other pages too . somehow these make the website like as if the website was from anime
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12. webhole

  1. one of the few followers who followed Gryph first
  2. what makes this better's i couldn't imagine why would someone like webhole follow Gryph . there's nothing wrong with webhole only those who write like webhole often don't get along Gryph
  3. this said Gryph likes webhole's website bc the website's personal . there's lots of writing
  4. responds back when someone says something nice about webhole . this doesn't mean webhole needs to write anything about Gryph . Gryph say in webhole's profile someone commented to webhole lots and then webhole commented back lots . this's nice
  5. has a cool - looking tiger on the top of the about button . some of these tigers r fucking spinning with cats in the bus station
  6. has " rudeness " as power and know webhole would never use this power against Gryph or other creatures as sweet as Gryph
  7. is a humanoid beast . Gryph's almost like this sometimes Gryph's anthro bc u know even the Gryphons like to stand up once in a while
  8. lives in an australian aborgine area . Gryph can't see if webhole himself is an indigenous australian still Gryph feels webhole at least respects this culture . soz if Gryph fails somewhere here
  9. puts around lots of things webhole likes . books websites music u name this . Gryph's aware of things like zlibrary tho something like library genesis's libgen fun version better iGryph'sho . likes various things and Gryph sees webhole has done internet things for a while and even likes playgirl magazines and other cool things
  10. Gryph recalls there's some kind of a magazine page . did webhole write something like this for a local press or something . Gryph doesn't remember still somehow Gryph would see webhole to do some special kinds of projects . Gryph sees from the webhole's page webhole's creative
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13. gh0stprince

  1. Gryph's pretty sure gh0stprice found Gryph from status cafe . this's not bad bc seems like many others find Gryph from status cafe too
  2. some time before gh0stprinces button was a bit hidden when Gryph found this . the mothtonoth art one . in Gryph the Gryphon version 2 Gryph featured this button . then Gryph already saw gh0stprince's art was personal and Gryph's sue others will like gh0stprince's paintings
  3. uses hotglue . along with multiverse Gryph rly should use both of these services more bc these r something special
  4. uses gemini too . there r reasons why Gryph doesn't use this yet one reason's privacy and gemini was not built this #1 . still one day Gryph's gonna find more about gemini . amazing how neocities seem to use random unique technologies what's more amazing Gryph uses almost all of these too lol
  5. despite of gh0stprince's struggles in life Gryph sees him as an ok person and Gryph rly wants these things to get better for him
  6. likes cool things like ffxiv . soz other things r cool too this one's just what Gryph knows even a bit about mainly bc of chocobos
  7. the intro poem in the about page . and blog posts where gh0stprince uses arch and takes teeth seriously like Gryph
  8. Gryph feels some ppl followed gh0stprince from Gryph's neocities profile . tho lots of this happened when Gryph unfollowed every1 when Gryph was depressed
  9. so gh0stprince's art's unique too . did Gryph say this already . even if Gryph would draw something completely different . when Gryph can draw like the world's best artist or something . Gryph can see u take art srsly . even if gh0stprince says they have lost interest in digital at . still Gryph thinks gh0stprince's trying to find their own way to pursue drawing and Gryph hopes Gryph's correct here
  10. the skull gh0stprince has's symbolic . Gryph sometimes knows this skull appears when Gryph visits gh0stprince again
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14. jasonsworld

  1. jasonsworld was Gryph's first follower . thxvm for this
  2. what Gryph likes's how jasonsworld's website's a great example of a typical neocities page . there r sections for a blog and about me and then there r stories about life . i think jason's a cool guy bc of this
  3. living in nyc must be rly nice this's completely opposite of what Gryph has lol
  4. 's a member of jaup . jaup's submission form crashes for Gryph when Gryph tried to submit Gryph's page there lol
  5. holy fuck when Gryph was writing this Gryph read about jason's blog . tbh Gryph's rly soz to see u feel pain if any1 Gryph can feel how to feel exhausted feels like . Gryph's life has been an absolute catastrophe so what Gryph did was to do own projects . Gryph tries to write Gryph the Gryphon . what Gryph believes one day Gryph will only have ppl who love Gryph bc drama sucks . hope u feel better thx for writing ur blog post
  6. the fact jasonsworld have comment boxes . shame Gryph's too shy to comment anything
  7. unlike some other websites jasonsworld's website has articles about things happened irl . this gives a view to irl when neocities and other websites don't always feel like this . jasonsworld's articles r interesting too
  8. Gryph likes how casual the about page's
  9. tbh Gryph feels honored some1 like jasonsworld followed me . in return Gryph tries to be civil even tho Gryph's social skills suck like fuck
  10. yeh Gryph likes jasonsworld has a quite casual life even tho life can srsly suck at times so ofc Gryph wants those things to disappear otherwise Gryph hopes u can have fun what u do with ur friends . even if some ppl r out there to do bad things about others know there r already very nice creatures too
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15. noseclub / inkposting

  1. how can it be possible for there to b someone who bc of some random reasons decides to draw Gryph the Gryphon . who the hell would do this . bc of this i looked at this image daily . look what can a drawing do to this Gryphon omfg
  2. Gryph never knew how noseclub found Gryph . or why would anyone even like Gryph
  3. the craziest part's pokemon - style website were among the first websites i had read about in neocities and to have one of these websites to follow Gryph feels like a mystical experience . as if the websites knew i would eventually look at these websites . while Gryph doesn't watch pokemon as much as pokemon's greatest fans i do some stuff about this . for example the mastodon server Gryph's in's called glaceon social
  4. let's talk about noseclub's website . someone decided to have a dream which's to create a pokemon - themed website . this's just an epic dream to have . now there's a website not only this's done super well the website's educational too . this person's crazy nice
  5. blu then creates website like onlysans . and then features and affiliates with other websites . looks like blu's genuinely nice
  6. has tumblr and draws images until one blows up and gets thousands of notes . then blu's there to make sure those who visit blu feels nice
  7. prolly forgave me when inkposting was one of the several account i accidentally blocked . u can't unblock ppl in neocities
  8. Gryph wants to say something . when noseclub drew Gryph Gryph the inevitable happened and Gryph looked to blu's twitter . many times tbh . and guess what Gryph read about mentally ill ppl who may stab u with kitchen knives . so Gryph wants to say u two things . survive and know u deserve to survive . under no circumstances disappear bc Gryph would grieve for this daily
  9. let Gryph write about something too . there's this creature blu might have head about and the name's " nosepass " . 's this familiar to blu . last time i learned about this creature was when u created an entire page as a tribute to nosepass . Gryph knows if u do this kind of stuff nosepasses may start to become alive . anyway know Gryph feels rly nice u have found nosepass . bc tbh this reminds me of the Gryphons tho u prolly knew this already . u now know how Gryph feels about the Gryphons when blu feels about the nosepasses . Gryph thinks . so know this feeling's ultra - awesome
  10. yeh know u blu matter more to Gryph what u might think even tho u only saw Gryph in neocities so soz if this feels stupid Gryph just feels Gryph wanted to write something blu deserves
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16. thegreenarchive

soz from Gryph as there r not many updates i didn't find 18 anyway i write some

  1. Gryph always feels nice when others follow Gryph when others don't follow every1 back . this doesn't mean at all others would suck or something tbh Gryph'd like all of u to follow every1 else back lol . what this means's Gryph feels Gryph have done something othes think's cool . Gryph doesn't want to appear like a stranger still to create content others would like's rly had for Gryph tbh
  2. while the website's still incomplete Gryph just wants to know what will come into this website
  3. thegreenarchive followed Gryph . this's a very nice thing . Gryph doesn't know why Gryph feels perhaps they like some things Gryph likes too . the less Gryph feels like a scary creature the better
  4. if u look carefully u can see the website's header has a background image and this makes the website more alive
  5. the website uses a template still to use a template's not bad if it works like here
  6. even if the websites doesn't have much Gryph can already there's style in the all caps text
  7. Gryph can't code shit either . still Gryph somehow manages to do these . what Gryph creates suck tbh . no - one rly reads what Gryph does . still there's a way . if u can't code there's always a way u can choose . Gryph believes in this . the fact thegreenarchive has a website's already something nice . imagine all the ones who don't even start
  8. Gryph wrote 7 nice things already . bc thegreenarchive followed Gryph this meant Gryph's there to find out what's nice and if there's nothing Gryph makes nice things . so Gryph says here u must be a cool person bc u followed Gryph . and u follow some of the ones who follow Gryph
  9. Gryph says this here too . bc there's nothing this means there's a mystery behind this website and Gryph likes to solve mysteries
  10. Gryph likes the blue - green color theme too . rly Gryph somehow expected for something like this bc of some reason
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17. airdoggy

  1. the reason why airdoggy's cool's bc he goes around in status cafe and follows ppl . this's nice bc this can make others feel there r others who like their content . then airdoggy follows me
  2. Gryph thinks airdoggy atm uses other websites than neocities so this might explain lack of activity
  3. website seems like a business card . there's necessary information still there's something which catches my eye . there seems to be the usual things only neocities and retro website creators make
  4. airdoggy manages to get 12 people to comment on the guestbook and Gryph can even recognize 2 of them
  5. what Gryph think's the mysterious thing in this page's the agumon favicon . does airdoggy like digimon
  6. another what Gryph thinks's what does " airdoggy " mean . does this mean airdoggy's actually an inflatable dog full of air
  7. there's another interesting thing too : a link to instagram . this's quite rare in neocities . from airdoggy's twitter and instagram Gryph can see more casual topics tho most of this's in spanish . this's not bad if the person wants this and shows any1 has a place in neocities
  8. Gryph feels airdoggy likes spanish and iberoamerican culture soz if Gryph's wrong this's what Gryph sees from the posts in twitter . lots of stuff have a nice side too
  9. so what Gryph feel's if someone who Gryph feels wouldn't like what Gryph does still follows me . this always feels very good for Gryph bc this shows Gryph needn't to try to be something else and others can still like what Gryph does
  10. airdoggy's like a link to the " normal " world and to the " neocities world "
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18. nanoarrow

  1. Gryph doesn't know why nanoarrow's the last in the list of who follows me despite of the thing they update their page quite regularly . they r around neocities quite often and i don't think no - one should forget nanoarrow
  2. nanoarrow followed me . tbh this made me feel rly nice bc of these reasons . Gryph likes certain things and saw nanoarrow many times . almost no - one else near this stuff likes Gryph so Gryph then felt rly nice . the things i write about the Gryphons don't seem to match lots about the " cool stuff " which's in neocities and mastodons etc places . Gryph would rly like this not to be so
  3. so far they r the only one who has posted an ethereum address
  4. Gryph visited nanoarrow's website several times bc it always feels like there's something new in the website despite of the thing the website's prolly the simplest well - done website in neocities Gryph knows atm
  5. has social handles in less - known websites like spacehey and even steam in social purposes . has a wobble town profile too . Gryph has no idea how m10k became this successful lol tbh should try to set up an ichi city website one day too
  6. when Gryph first saw nanoarrow Gryph immediately thought the username " nanoarrow " must have some kind of a deep spiritual purpose . so Gryph natually thought about super - tiny flying light rays shaped like arrows . then Gryph saw nanoarrow generated this name from a random word generator and then Gryph thought this must be cool
  7. Gryph just can't help and see how nanoarrow somehow manages to put features websites and neocities advertisement and this then's well part of the website . these don't seem like advertisements at all . what's better some of the random advertisements r by ppl Gryph saw already
  8. when Gryph becomes less shy Gryph might have the kind of a " nano - blog " . yeh there's a pun . what nano - arrow has . just small lines of daily thoughts . not too long bc others don't rly read anything long
  9. one nice thing about nanoarrow . they go around in neocities to some more popular neocities profiles and leaves comments . Gryph thinks this's how others can notice nanoarrow . one day Gryph wants every1 in neocities to leave comments for Gryph too haha
  10. last Gryph just wants to say it's cool nanoarrow's into tech and this kind of stuff if this's what nanoarrow likes . Gryph already sees talk about raspberry pi's and a bit before nanoarrow thought if they should learn php
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bonus section

19. nagolbud

  1. nagolbud doesn't know this still before there was ace - adventure i had already played around in hotel - nagolbud . i already thought this thing's cool as f and thought why don't others know about this . well this changed when nagolbud created the ace - adventure and started to feature every1
  2. then the unimaginable happened . nagolbud featured me first . there were other known names like melon and dann and still i was the first one . the Gryphon spirits had spoken . to select Gryph 2b the first one feels like Gryph had achieved something . this's crazy . along with noseclub's Gryph Gryph will forever remember this
  3. Gryph means nagolbud then wrote " this Gryphon belongs to Gryph " . tho there's a typo who cares . so there r now only two ppl who have stated this deep secret : all the Gryphons r belong to Gryph the Gryphon . . Gryph goes into eternal bliss when this's said . thxvm nagolbud for this Gryph rly likes this so very much omfg
  4. so let Gryph tell a bit more about nagolbud . unlike other neocities users this person's advanced as fuck . all u need to go's to the website nagolbud and u see what this person has experienced . atm nagolbud lives in mexico and from the posts in the website u can see there's lot of mysterious stuff happening
  5. nagolbud's website absolutely one of the most unique websites Gryph saw . the website's very artistic and intentionally mysterious so Gryph recommends u go to the website with time and just browse aound . Gryph assures u will find things u never found before . and the website's not only about the usual u think it's
  6. then like with some other random neocities websites there r forums and while the forums seem popular due to created user accounts there r still some who hang out there . apparently nagolbud's y2k forum enemy are the agora road forums
  7. which brings Gryph to one particular thing . nagolbud no longer uses neocities bc of suppression of free speech . actually nagolbud's website was never based on neocities still ace - adventure was and this's how Gryph found nagolbud . thru status cafe . a pro - russian neocities user supports ace - adventure's views on free speech . what can Gryph see here's nagolbud somehow sees something others don't . nagolbud knows what to write to attract attention
  8. nagolbud somewhere said to be an eccentric or something's ok . Gryph agrees with this . be urself even if this can seem unusual . sometimes nagolbud talks in 01s . and nagolbud's avatar is a man with a moustache with a top hat . Gryph thinks this looks cool
  9. Gryph thinks nagolbud's idea to run forums's great and one day perhaps nagolbud gets the members nagolbud wants . Gryph registered there still as usual Gryph's too shy for anything . tho in these forum u can rly talk about anything u want tho lots of the current threads there may seem like conspiracy
  10. still nagolbud's one of the greatest life achievements was to appreciate Gryph the Gryphon . this makes the Gryphon spirits delighted and then only nice things can happen
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20. solehin

  1. i rly liked when solehin went around and gave nice comments to users in neocities . bc of this i thought solehin rly understood how neocities worked
  2. i think it's amazing solehin updates their website with all kinds of random experiments . this rly means neocities need not to be about full structure websites . it can just be ur playground
  3. tbh i think solehin knows html very well and if they do this for career purposes i wish them only the best
  4. still let Gryph point out one thing . solehin's the only person who said Gryph the Gryphon's the only real Gryphon website too . this is huge . even if solehin is completely different from Gryph Gryph's not sure if solehin knows this comment made Gryph's day . and Gryph still remembers this
  5. Gryph becomes jealous about everything Gryphon where Gryph's not mentioned . and solehin uses bluegriffon . tbh i think solehin doesn't mind if there's the Gryphon and likes the fact i do so this's cool
  6. even if the website's experimental lots of pages are about professional things and it gives another kind of a charm . and better the site's not about stupid things it's creative unlike where someone immediately tries to sell u something
  7. Gryph also thinks solehin's religious which's not a bad thing at all if this can motivate u
  8. solehin seems rly nice and Gryph kinds of wants solehin to go around neocities and talk with others . or they could create content others want to read too like articles about popular media
  9. Gryph would like to see some information about solehin tho . what kinds of things solehin likes why's solehin in neocities and the like . so solehin can keep up this mystery . dunno if solehin ever wants to reveal themselves
  10. so solehin still commented to me . this made Gryph feel rly nice
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